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Dangal 10th Day, 10 Days Box Office Total Collection

Dangal total box office collection on new year: Dangal movie ten days total worldwide collection, check 10th day collections of Aamir Khan Dangal film. 10 Days earnings of Dangal are record breaking. Check the detailed report here below. Dangal is one film that will make you weep and at the same time provide excitement, joy and inspiration by the time the final scene wrap up on screen. I would say it is a remarkable movie that is a must watch. Goosebumps started appearing when the climax of the movie was on display. Such was the feel and power that the movie had in its possession to win over the audience. Go and grab your tickets is the final word from me.

Dangal Ten Days Total Box Office Collections
Dangal Ten Days Total Box Office Collections

Dangal 10th Day, 10 Days Box Office Total Collection

Dangal – A rare Bollywood gem which truly empowers the female gender, without pretension or gimmick. Nitesh Tiwari’s ‘Dangal‘ is undoubtedly one of the most important films made in recent times. While the film stands out as an ode to the unsung stars of Indian sports, it opens the eyes of many people towards life, relationships (relationship doesn’t only mean holding hands, locking lips, and shaking hips), commitments, dedication and more.
The film starts with a very well picturized title sequence and carries that brownish muddy tone throughout the film.Check the total box office collections of the movie till ten days here below. Movie is a smashing all box office records in Bollywood. It performed well at overseas box office too. Ten days day wise collections are depicted below.

Dangal aka Dhangal Ten Days Total Box Office Collections in India – Aamir Khan

Dangal First day (Friday) Earnings in India 29.78 crore

Dangal Second day (Saturday) Earnings in India 34.82 crore

Dangal Third day (Sunday) Earnings in India 42.41 crore

Dangal Fourth day (Monday) Earnings 25.69 crore

Dangal Fifth day box office collection (Tuesday) 23.09 crore

Dangal Sixth day box office earnings (Wednesday) 21.46 crore

Dangal Seventh day collections (Thursday) 20.29 crore.

Total Box Office Collections of Dangal (First Week) – Rs 197.53 crore.

Dangal 8th Day Collection in India – 18.59 crore

Dangal 9th Day Earnings in India – 22.72 crore

Dangal 10th Day Earnings in India – 25+ crore (early estimates)

Unlike the regular Bollywood trashes, this film is not graded in a glossy over-saturated tone. In between some well captured images and over-tonal montage, is a neatly woven narrative (biopic) driven by Aamir Khan’s excellent restrained performance. In fact, the girls did very well too. This film is no lazy man’s job. It must have sweated out not just Aamir Khan, but each and every member of the cast and crew. Hard work is visible in every single frame, even in some shots which are used just as a split-second filler.

Dangal is TERRIFIC internationally. OVERSEAS total till Saturday, 31 December: $ 19.28 million [Rs 131.02 crores]. Some screens yet to report. Dangal proved the power of Bollywood movies. On Sunday movie will cross 250+ crores only through collections that are made in India.

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