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Dangal 16th Day, 16 Days Box Office Collection

Dangal 16 days total worldwide box office collection report: 16th day, third saturday collection of Dangal. Hands down this is the greatest work of Aamir Khan’s life! I seldom go to the theatre and ever so rarely do I go for a Bollywood movie. This is the only movie I have watched twice in a theatre in my entire life. All I can say after watching it for the second time is that I was equally thrilled the second time watching it if not more. So go ahead and watch the movie with your entire family with absolutely no distractions, because the movie deserves nothing less than your absolute attention.

This movie was worth every paisa I have spent if not more. And now for the cons. Well, what can I say, There’s absolutely none! Even if I could I wouldn’t look for loopholes as every frame of the movie is highly engaging from the first to the last. Well good luck to the film makers, because AAmir has set the bar too damn high! This is indubitably the best movie in the history of Indian cinema. Check box office collection report in detail below.

Dangal 16 days box office collection
Dangal 16 days box office collection

Dangal 16th Day, 16 Days Box Office Collection

Dangal First day (Friday) Earnings in India 29.78 crore

Dangal Second day (Saturday) Earnings in India 34.82 crore

Dangal Third day (Sunday) Earnings in India 42.41 crore

Dangal Fourth day (Monday) Earnings 25.69 crore

Dangal Fifth day box office collection (Tuesday) 23.09 crore

Dangal Sixth day box office earnings (Wednesday) 21.46 crore

Dangal Seventh day collections (Thursday) 20.29 crore.

Total Box Office Collections of Dangal (First Week) – Rs 197.53 crore.

Dangal 8th Day Collection in India – 18.59 crore

Dangal 9th Day Earnings in India – 23.07 crore

Dangal 10th Day Earnings in India – 32.04 crore

Dangal 11th Day Earnings in India – 13.45 crore

Dangal 12th Day Earnings in India – 10.46 crore

Dangal 13th Day Earnings in India – 9.23 crore

Dangal 14th Day Earnings in India – 9.12 crore

Total Two Weeks Collection of Dangal Film – Rs 313.38 Crore in India

Dangal 15th Day Earnings in India – 6.66 crore

Dangal 16th Day Earnings in India – 10.08 crore

Dangal Total 16 Days Nett Box Office Collection: Rs 330.96 Crores (India)

Dangal Total 15 Days Gross Box office Collections: Rs 450 Crores (India)

Total Overseas Collections till date (14 days) – Rs 166.07 crore

Inspirational movie for all the upcoming wrestlers in India especially for women wrestlers. Through this movie i now respect the sport of wrestling and lets not forget all of its rules and regulations etc. Thank you to the entire team of Dangal for taking bollywood to the next level.

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