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Kahaani 2 Total Collection: 5 Days

The films starts with the most brilliant first half I have seen in the last couple of years, with Vidya Balan starring as Vidya Sinha staying with her paralyzed daughter in Chandannagar. She portrays a fine lower-middle class single mother who’s trying hard to keep up with the race of life so that her child can have a better life. But trouble starts as she comes back from work only to find her child missing. When she asks the nurse why she wasn’t present, the nurse says that it was Vidya who asked her not come that day.

Kahaani 2 Movie crosses 20+ crore mark in Just Five Days

On the very first day movie collected an amount of Rs 4.25 crores, Second day collection were ended up at Rs Sat 5.79 crores, Sunday and Monday box office collections of the movie are Rs 6.93 crores and 2.04 crores respectively. Total: 19.01 crores [1235 screens] in 4 days.


Even the landlord said the same that she only told him that it won’t be necessary for him to visit her daughter as the nurse will be there to take care. This right here is where the mystery starts and everybody forgets about the popcorns, nachos or whatever they were having. They have all got the scent of the old Kahaani again and is waiting for a brilliant thriller to be served. Vidya runs off to the street in search of her daughter and gets hit by a speeding Taxi, which is the most nerve wrecking scene in the entire film.

Enters the investigating sub-inspector of Police Inderjeet Singh played brilliantly by Arjun Rampal who get’s shocked on seeing unconscious Vidya in the hospital ward. For he knows her as Durga Rani Singh, to whom he was married long back when they were kids. Inderjeet who’s been recently transferred to Chandannagar is trying badly to get a promotion, so he starts investigating the case with his complete focus

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