About Me

Hi to all who visits Reviewrating.org!

I am Roy and I have been dabbling in the internet marketing scene for nearly 17 years.

There were lots of changes in this industry throughout the years, some were bad but mostly good changes.

Regardless of the numerous changes and reforms that happened in the internet marketing world, one problem remains significantly glaring throughout.

It is the existence of untruthful ‘money before honesty’ product vendors, affiliate marketers and influencers. I, myself have purchased countless of products, softwares and courses that promises hope, future and security for a better financial life. Sadly, 99% of the stuff out there just doesn’t work and are simply rehashing other peoples work.

I simply hate to see this kind of stuff happening to good people who really wish internet marketing will better their lives.

Alone, I can’t change the world. But I believe by taking baby steps will one day, maybe change a few people actions.

This site is my baby step contribution to a better, honest and transparent world of internet marketing!